Infiiorata is a creative studio specializing in Flower Styling, Botanical Design and Consultancy. It is named after the annual Flower Festival in Noto, Sicily.

Based in Luxembourg, Infiiorata works on a wide range of floral projects across different disciplines, with services that include concept creation, set design and large scale floral installation work for the fashion, floral and creative industry. 

Kathlyn Wohl, the owner and founder of INFIIORATA started as a fairly humble bouquet delivery service mostly for family and friends. It has evolved so much over the course of the last year. She has explored a number of different ways to work with flowers, retail, weddings, events, organising workshops and consultancy. She works in a distinctively forward space in the florist world.
It is mainly focused on composition and color, as she gently tames wild and unusual blooms to create highly cinematic arrangements.

These days, the majority of her projects are consultancy and styling based but also work on events and with private clients.